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Sprayer Backpack4Eco Statics Disinfection Electrostatics Handheld

Our latest innovative cleaning and disinfection system to battle against outbreak in any environment.

Home Prod Rob1@2xHome Prod Rob1@2x

Our autonomous cleaning robots work hand in hand with cleaning staff in environments where daily maintenance is most needed.

Home Prod Mach1@2xHome Prod Mach1a@2x

We have a wide range of cleaning machines that is able to solve any of your cleaning problems.

Ultra 5LProtect 50ml

Our cleaning detergents are specially chosen and handpicked to work effectively with our machines in order to maximize cleaning output.

Why Jeff Supplies?
  • Distributor of high-end cleaning equipments from UK and Europe
  • Over 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry
  • Quality Services

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