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Disinfection Made Easy with Light

The UVC Cleaning System is a decontamination device that uses ultraviolet-C light energy to quickly and effectively disinfect and sanitise 99.999% of large and small areas in the safest way.

What is Ultraviolet-C (UVC)?

Light consists of various wavelengths, commonly known as ultraviolet and infrared rays. The three invisible ultraviolet light rays given off by the sun – UVA and UVB tan our skin and might cause sunburn; UVC, unable to penetrate the protective ozone layer, is germicidal, and has been developed to disinfect air, water and surfaces.

This UVC light energy between 200-280 nanometer, can kill germs such as bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and spores, that spread infections and cause allergies, influenza and other harmful health problems.

How does UVC Cleaning System work?

This UV energy, when absorbed by microorganism’s RNA, DNA and proteins, can cause its cell walls to split, stop replicating and hence eliminate pathogens in the environment.

The intelligent germicidal device eliminates human error that is inherent to timer-based systems, and treats a given area with measured dose of high-power UVC light for a calculated time. Our patent-pending technology takes the guesswork out of decontamination.

Up to eight units can be deployed in multiple rooms in the same facility, and wirelessly linked with simple to use process. The cleaning process can then be remotely operated for maximum safety of staff and thorough treatment, including shadow areas. 360 Dual Technology motion sensors also keep the area safe while treatment is in progress.

Efficacy & Performance

UVC Cleaning Systems equipment is ETL, CE, CSA, and FCC certified and is WEEE, RoHS, and EPA compliant. Our algorithm and measurement data has been proven against biological samples in certified antimicrobial laboratories.

With no chemicals used or manual labour to apply, cost of consumables and cross-contamination are greatly reduced. No areas will be missed during the cleaning operation. The result is 99.999% whole room decontamination.

Our UVC units are portable, making delivery and setup a breeze. They can be used in laboratories, food processing plants, hotels, cruise ships, athletic facilities, outpatient surgical centers and many other environments where harmful pathogens exist.

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