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Santoemma Serena-Silent

An extremely silent carpet extractor with high vacuum power. With the help of its high-waterlift technology, the Serena-silent can effectively strip dirt from carpets while achieving a very short drying time. The low sound output makes this a suitable machine for hotels, offices, banks, and any other noise-sensitive areas.

Technical Specifications

Solution tank – 50ℓ
Recovery tank – 50ℓ
Power – 1500W
Maximum waterlift – 300cm H20
Maximum air-flow – 45ℓ/sec
Max performance – 90m²/h
Weight (machine body) – 43kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) – 44 x 86 x 94cm
Cleaning width – 30cm
Hot water extraction – Yes

Key Features

High-Waterlift Technology

Low Noise Emission

Quick Disconnect Spray Nozzles

Ergonomical Design