Your one-stop solution for cleaning needs.


Tread-TEQ is a lightweight, one-person operational system designed to clean an escalator in just a few minutes. Tread-TEQ uses the escalators propulsion to generate the cleaning action, so no outside power is required, and there’s no need to turn the escalator off.

Technical Specifications

Cleaning pads (3 widths) – 600mm/800mm/1000mm
Pad patterns – V & W shape

Key Features

No Down Time

Allows speedy, powerful cleaning of escalator treads without having to break down the structure or cut power; this system can be used daily to minimise dirt and help maintain the aesthetics of your property

Washable and Reusable

The Absorb-TEQ pads can be washed and reused after each cleaning cycle, depending on the condition of the escalator.

Makes Escalator Cleaning Easy & Safe

Escalators are hardly cleaned due to the very high costs, labour intensity and operational complexities involved. Escateq eases the job and cuts the time used to as little as 5 minutes.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Keeping escalators thoroughly cleaned, especially with high traffic, can help you avoid costly and premature repairs while also keeping ongoing maintenance costs low.