Your one-stop solution for cleaning needs.

i-scrub 30EM Pro B

Single-disc scrubbing has never been easier. Advanced orbital technology is based on 1650 RPM which simulated an orbital movement with no sideforces, so everybody can operate it without training. The i-scrub 30EM is a nifty machine with a lot of power. The water tank on top ensures you can mix in your chemicals to perfection. To prevent damage to furniture and walls, we’ve created a rubber bumper for you to work freely.

Technical Specifications

Brush Speed (orbital movement) – 1650 rpm
Effective area of operation – 30cm
Dimensions (L x W x H) – 27 x 23 x 120cm
Weight (with batteries) – 14.4kg
Clean water tank – 1.7L
Battery spec i-power 9 – 24 V 8.8 Ah
Battery spec i-power 14 – 25.2 V 14 Ah
Run time i-power 9 – 75 minutes
Run time i-power 14 – 119 minutes
Charger type – Off-board
Charger – 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Voltage & frequency – 230V
Motor power – 250W
Sound level – 72dBA

Key Features

Cord or cordless?

The battery-powered i-scrub 30 EM gives you flexibility to use it when and where you want to. With only one extra i-power battery you can work 24/7.

Easy transport

The wheels make it easy to take the i-scrub 30 EM pro / B with you everywhere you go. When the wheels are hindering your work just fold them.

Aluminum diecast

Heavy grade aluminum diecast housing adds resistance and weight to the machine, increasing the brush pressure, to clean more in less time.

Centralized controls

Centralized controls are located in the head of the machine. All your regulators, switches and controls are within the reach of your fingertips.