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TASKI Swingo 350B & 350E

Ultra-compact 15 inch (38 cm) auto scrubber is designed with a low machine profile and a handle that folds backwards for easy access under tables or racks.

Technical Specifications

Model 350B 350E
Productivity 1140m²/h 1140m²/h
Solution tank 10ℓ 10ℓ
Recovery Tank 10ℓ 10ℓ
Brush Pressure 17kg 22kg
Weight 67kg 46kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 79x45x43cm 79x45x43cm
Sound Level <70 dB(A) <70 dB(A)

Key Features

Access Hard to Reach Areas

Cleaning and Drying Effectiveness

Safety and Simplicity