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UVC Cleaning System

The M20 mobile UVC Cleaning System is a disinfection device specifically designed for maximum effectiveness and ease of use to meet your infection control needs. Made of stainless steel and impact resistant thermal plastic, protective cage and Teflon encapsulated UV emitters for the physically demanding health care industry.

The M20 feature allows UVC Cleaning Systems customers to operate devices simultaneously to deliver a safe, fast, and effective treatment in large areas and diverse environments.

Multiple dual motion sensing technology creates a safe operating environment by preventing accidental exposure to UVC radiation.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W X H) – 53.7 x 53.5 x 154cm
Weight – 56.2kg
Power – 2340Watts
No. of Emitters – 18

Key Features

High Powered

Decontamination for large area in less time. More efficient reduction of microorganisms at further distances from the UVC source.

Intelligent Dosing

Automated room endpoint determination using onboard UVC sensors

360 Degrees of Motion Detection

Utilises dual technology of passive infrared and ultrasonics

Onboard Data Tracking

Customer accessible via the cloud or a local spreadsheet