Your one-stop solution for cleaning needs.


SMIXIN Combi is a unique hand washing system with a 3-in-1 function – water, soap and paper are fully automatic dispensed after activation via a precise sensor. Due to the optimal mix of water and soap with air, your hands will feel silky-clean after washing. The Combi is designed to be used inside or outside of the washroom, like in transportation hubs, canteens, schools, and quick service restaurants.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W X D X H) – 38.4 x 36.3 x 71.9cm
Weight – 13kg
Input Voltage – 100-240V AC
Power Voltage – 12V
Wifi-enabled – Yes

Key Features

Touch-free 3-in-1 hand washing station

Contactless technology that promotes higher level of hygiene and less spread of bacteria

Eco-friendly & cost-saving

Uses 90% less water, up to 60% less soap, and paper

Dispenses soap and water in one innovative

Combines the benefits of water, air and soap into a perfect emulsion

Remote Management System

Remotely manages systems with usage data and get notifications when soap or paper runs out