Your one-stop solution for cleaning needs.


Triooo is a commercial cleaning robot suitable for indoor hard floors. With dry, wet and other multi-functional cleaning and disinfection modes. With integrated mopping scrubbing and disinfection functions, triooo provides 24/7 uninterrupted cleaning service. Using the remote control APP, the user can see the operation information, command and manage the robot anytime and anywhere. It supports multiple cleaning robots to work together and be flexibly scheduled. This easy to use app helps accomplish a efficient working team between the human and robots.

Dual mode of disinfectant spray/UV is equipped to cope with a wide variety of bateria and viruses, brings our cleaning performance to a higher standard. The disinfection component adopts a backpack-style design, with a stable structure and easy installation. UV lamps can be hided in the “disinfection backpack” with the remote control as a switch to ensure the safety of the operators.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions – 66 x 66.5 x 83.75cm (W X L X H)
Weight – 99kg
Off-ground Height – 4.6cm
Scrubbing Width – 56cm
Maximum Scrubbing time with full tank – 1 – 4 hours
Tank Volume (Clean Water) – 24L
Tank Volume (Dirty Water) – 26L
Obstacle Detection Range – 20cm
FOV of Lidar – 270°
Max range of Lidar – 25cm
Cleaning Efficiency – 1000m²
Noice Level – <70dB
Max Speed – 0.8m/s
Battery Usage – 4 hours

Disinfectant Sprayer
Weight – 6.5kg
Spray Rate – 1.6kg/h
Humidity – ≤80%RH

UV Lamp
Power – 160W
Irradiation Range – ≥100m²
UV Intensity – 4×127 mw/m²

Key Features

Cleaning Components

All cleaning components are placed inside the body, for beauty and safe.

Chassis Structure

Quick-release design, easy for replacement and maintenance

Brush & Squeegee

Brush and squeegee can be removed manually without tools. Different materials of brush and squeegee available for various type of ground.

Swappable Battery

Dual charging mode