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SMIXIN Compact

SMIXIN Compact is an innovative soap and water dispenser. It is an extremely ecologic solution that uses lesser resources, and high in cost savings. With its modern design and a preset process steps we enforce behaviorial change among users. As a result, we improve hygiene levels, especially in areas such as corporate buildings, airports or schools.

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D), 327x131mmx213mm
Weight, 4kg
Input Voltage, 100-240V AC
Power Voltage, 12V
WIFI enabled, Yes

Key Features

Touch-free (2-in-1) hand washing station

Contactless technology that promotes higher level of hygiene and less spread of bacteria

Eco-friendly & cost-saving

Uses 90% less water, up to 60% less soap, and paper

Dispenses soap and water in one system

No contamination when replacing soap and combines the benefits of water, air and soap into a perfect emulsion

Remote management WIFI enabled

Remotely manages systems with usage data and get notifications when soap or paper runs out