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The Orbot LiFe is the most versatile lithium-ion battery powered, dual action orbital floor machine. It has all the benefits of the Orbot SprayBorg but with the added convenience, flexibility, and portability of a battery.
Designed with the safest and latest innovation in lithium-ion battery technology, it guarantees a longer lasting battery life.

Technical Specifications

Working width – 43cm
Motor – 1400W
Power – Lithium-ion Technology
Inside rotation – 1425rpm
Outside rotation – 80rpm
Weight – 80kg
Working time – 3hrs (Hard floor) / 1.5hrs (Carpet)
Charging time – 1.5hrs

Key Features

Fast Charge

Increase productivity with 90 minutes of charge time.

Hybrid Feature

Advanced on-board and off-board charging feature, the Orbot LiFe also enables you to operate while charging the battery by simply plugging into power source. Orbot LiFe will charge simultaneously as you go about without delaying your operation.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Added safety and durability to protect the battery from being discharged and/or overcharged.

Smart Charge

Integrated software technology for quick charging that will not affect battery life.