Your one-stop solution for cleaning needs.

Comac Vispa XS

A revolutionary scrubbing machine suitable for cleaning small and cluttered environments where regular walk-behind scrubbers have trouble navigating. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it highly portable.

Technical Specifications

Productivity – 900 m2/hr
Working width (with side brush) – 28cm
Brush pressure – 10kg
Brushes rpm – 150
Squeegee width – 32.5cm
Solution tank – 3ℓ
Recovery tank – 4ℓ
Dimensions (L x W x H) – 55.5 x 105 x 37.5cm
Weight without batteries – 20kg
Running time – 60mins
Charging time – 90mins

Key Features

Scrub & Dry in Any Direction

The innovative rotary head is equipped with a parabolic squeegee which continuously follows the direction of the machine. Fantastic scrubbing and drying results in any direction, even in the normally inaccessible corners.

Fast Charging

Fast Charging Powered by a lithium Ion battery, recharging is quick and easy, allowing the Vispa XS to perform multiple, short and targeted cleaning operations throughout the same day.

Sturdy & Lightweight

Constructed from materials such as aluminum for the base and chassis, the Vispa XS is both sturdy and lightweight, putting less strain on the operator during use and transport. The machine’s compact dimensions mean that it can be conveniently stored.