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TASKI Swingo 4000

The Taski Swingo 4000 is the next generation of large ride-on auto-scrubber driers. The only machine in the market featuring a large working width and large tank size with the outer dimensions of a more compact unit.

Technical Specifications

Productivity – 6375m²/hr
Working width – 85cm
Squeegee width – 110cm
Solution tank – 200ℓ
Recovery tank – 210ℓ
Rated voltage – 24V
Brush Pressure – 56 -112kg
Cleaning speed/Transportation Speed – 7.5km/hr
Sound level – 67dB(A)
Machine weight ready for use – 760kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) – 178 x 89 x 140cm

Key Features

High Productivity

The patented IntelliFlow™ ensures always the right amount of cleaning solution on the floor and leads to significant water savings.

Powerful Cleaning and Drying Results

The new and patented W-shaped squeegee follows the floor profile and allows excellent water pick-up even in curves, while turning and on uneven or structured floors.

Total Reliability

Engineered for durability and hard cleaning tasks, the Taski Swingo 4000 is constructed with high tech material and long life components that increase machine uptime and reduce repair cost.


Good overview while cleaning and an excellent squeegee deflection allow the operator to clean close along walls and around obstacles. The special ECO mode reduces noise and allows day time cleaning even in noise sensitive areas.