Your one-stop solution for cleaning needs.

Numatic RSB140

The tremendous advantage of a cordless RucSac cleaner is that it has no cable and is designed to be carried like a rucksack, allowing it to be used in a variety of difficult situations, with exceptional results.

Technical Specifications

Motor – 250W
Power – 36V
Suction – 100cm
Airflow – 20 ℓ/sec
Capacity – 6ℓ
Run time – 30mins
Charge time – 3.5hrs
Weight – 7.3kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) – 25 x 36 x 55cm

Key Features

Battery Changing System

Quick change battery system for continuous usage.

Turn On/Off Easily

An integrated hand control module is incorporated to allow both instant on/off operation to save maximum power whilst incorporating a battery condition module to allow you to monitor battery reserve as you work.

Cordless and Carry-on

Its unique form with comfortable straps allow for application in areas which include climbing ladders, stairways, congested areas, busy pedestrian zones, cleaning aircraft, buses, and even cinemas.